Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Welcome to www.coupontourist.com (hereinafter: "the Website"), that is managed by the Tal Technologies Company, Ltd (hereinafter: "the Company").

Agreement to the Terms of Use

1. The use of the Website, the contents offered in it and the system, through a computer or through another end device, is subject to these Terms of Use. The Terms of Use are meant to verify proper use of the internet and of the services of the Website and the system. Also, the Terms of Use regulate the legal relations between the Company that manages the Website and any person using the Website.

2. Before using the Website, the information of any type in it, or the information that may be obtained through it, the Terms of Use must be read thoroughly, as surfing it or using it or the system in any other way indicate acceptance of the Terms of Use. Any person making an activity in the Website and/or making any use of the information of any kind in the Website shall be considered to have read the Terms of Use, became aware of them, and accepted them. Anyone who does not accept the Terms of Use, in whole or in part, may not make any use of the Website and is asked to exit it.

3. The Company may modify or update the Terms of Use of the Website from time to time at its exclusive discretion and without having to notify of such in advance. The new terms shall be binding as of the time of publication thereof in the Website, but of course without prejudice to rights if they were duly acquired beforehand.

4. Upon entering and using the Website, you also accept the "Protection of Privacy" rules stipulated in section 16 below, and to any change that shall apply to them from time to time in the future. If you do not agree to that ? you may not make any use of our Website and/or our services.

5. Insofar as there is or there shall be a contract between you and the Company regarding your use of the services we offer and of the Website, these Terms of Use affect your rights and you must read them thoroughly and correctly understand all the provisions regarding all subjects discussed hereby.

6. Should it appear that one of the terms of the contract and of that said herein is illegal, void or unenforceable, it shall not affect the invalidity or our inability to enforce other terms.

7. Purchase through the Website is subject to the terms specified in this code. Please read the code carefully, as applying to purchase on the Website indicates your acceptance of the terms specified in this code.

8. Any person who is 18 and older and who has a valid credit card by one of the credit companies may participate in the group purchase.

9. No wholesale purchase may be made through the Website.

10. For the avoidance of doubt, the products offered for sale in the Website are offered by the various suppliers and not by the "Company" or the Website. The liability for the providing of the products/services, warranty and so on is exclusively the suppliers' and the "Company" may not be viewed as liable somehow due to selling them. However, the Company works strictly with reliable suppliers with a good reputation and examines their consumer conduct.

11. That said in this code does not derogate from the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law (hereinafter: "the Consumer Protection Law"), that shall apply to any surfer according to the rules of the country in which he resides or the rules of the country to which it is subject.

12. These terms of use are in the masculine for convenience purposes only, but they refer, of course, to the masculine and the feminine.


In this document, each of the following terms shall have the meaning beside it:

? The Company: Tal Technologies Ltd., private Company

? The Website: the Website managed by the Company in the URL www.coupontourist.com.

? User and/or client ? any surfer, company, entity or person entering the Company's servers, including but not limited to making a use of the Website or the services we provide.

? "Business and/or businesses owner" ? places of business and/or their owners that advertise their places of business on the Website using coupons and/or vouchers that feature discounts and/or sales.

The Terms of Use

1. Information about the Website and the use thereof

1.1. The CouponTourist.com Website offers active on-line services on the internet, operated by the Company. The Website offers the user to purchase products and/or services from the best producers and marketers (hereinafter: "the Place of Business" or "the Seller/s") for attractive prices and sales, seeing as it involves group purchases that significantly lower their price.

1.2. Let it be clarified that the Company itself is not the party offering the products and/or services and/or sales presented in the Website, but rather the Seller is the Place of Business that offered the product and/or service and/or sale. The Website merely constitutes a platform to present and sell the products appearing in it, and it may not be viewed as a "Seller".

1.3. Every day, various, diverse deals will be displayed on the Website to purchase products and/or services for the international consumer audience. The deals are presented on the Website in real time, and they are usually presented 24 hours a day. By clicking the "buy" button, you are actually asking the Company to order for you and on your behalf the product and/or service in accordance with the details and terms that appear in the page in which it is published on the Website, and in accordance with the Company's Terms of Use.

1.4. Near every product and/or service offered for sale on the Website, the price of the product and a short, concise description thereof shall be presented, as provided at the exclusive liability of the Seller. The name of Place of Business offering the deal, the details of the contract with it, the price of the product, the minimum number of buyers required to realize the deal, the maximum number of products that may be bought in the same deal by one user, the validity of the deal and anything else pertaining to the deal, as the Company shall see fit to publish, shall also be specified. Let it be clarified that these details are the exclusive liability of the supplier and/or Seller and/or Place of Business and the Company is not responsible for the quality of the product and/or deal should discrepancies appear between the publication and the received product.

1.5. At the time of registering for the group purchase, you will be asked to provide the following details: name, e-mail, as well as the credit card you own. Without providing complete details, you will not be able to participate in the group purchase. Submission of false details is a punishable offence according to the law. The supplier and/or Place of Business and/or Seller may revoke the participation of such a client in the sale, should he provide false details.

1.6. Only after the verification of the credit card details given is completed and the confirmation by the credit card company and/or Paypal to make the purchase is obtained, will you be considered a participant in the group purchase. The time of submitting the offer shall be considered the date when the offer was received by the Company computers.

1.7. Upon the conclusion of the group purchase, you will receive an update whether or not your purchase has been validated following the fulfillment of minimum number of participants requirement, by entering your personal account in the Website and/or receiving an e-mail according to the details provided by you. In case the deal is valid and meets all the aforementioned conditions, your credit card will be charged by the Company according to the sum of the sale. In case the minimum required number of participants has not registered for the sale ? your purchase will not be valid and your credit card will not be charged and/or, in case your credit card will be charged, the Company undertakes to cancel the charge immediately and you will not be charged for commissions involved in this.

1.8. The price of the product/service is the price as offered by the Seller in this deal, and it does not necessarily reflect the lowest price in the market. Price comparison is the Client's responsibility only.

1.9. In order for you to be able to purchase a products and/or services in a group purchase, you will be asked to subscribe to the purchase group. Such registration shall only be enabled to clients who were registered to the Website and have fed their details into the personal account page.

1.10. In order for the deal to realize and for you to purchase the products and/or services you have ordered, a minimum number of clients to purchase it is required (there is a different minimum requirement for each deal), all as published in the Website. Let it be clarified that the registration for a group purchase constitutes immediate buying of the product, and any deal that reaches the minimum number of buyers shall be handled immediately.

1.11. In case the deal does not reach the required minimum number of buyers, the Company will be entitled to cancel the deal and you will not be charged for it even if the order was already made in practice. You warrant that you will not have claims and/or demands and/or proceedings regarding the cancellation of a deal in the above described circumstances.

1.12. Let it be clarified that the amount of products offered for sale in any purchase offer shall be fixed and it shall be determined in advance according to the Company's discretion in coordination with the business owner. Let it be clarified that the required minimum amount is a condition for the fulfillment of the deal.

1.13. In case the deal goes well, you will receive a voucher on the next day, to the e-mail address you fed in the Website. You must print the coupon and then you may take it to the Place of Business where you ordered the product/service and redeem it. The obtainment of the product and/or service in the Place of Business is conditioned upon the presentation of the verified voucher sent to you, the valid voucher and an identity card. The Company shall not be liable in case the voucher is lost / stolen and redeemed by someone other than the ordering party. For your information, you may realize the voucher until the period stated in the relevant purchase offer. Details about this shall appear in the information appearing next to every product on the Website as well as voucher itself; and each deal will have a different realization period.

1.14. the Company reserves the right to cancel a particular sale, should it realize that human error or a technical error occurred in the presentation of the product details, price, payment terms, the minimal number of buyers required to realize the deal or any other matter.

1.15. In case of errors as said, the buyers will be sent the appropriate message via e-mail. the Company shall be liable for sending the cancellation message to the participant's e-mail address in case the e-mail address given by the participant at the time of registering at the Website is incorrect, or in case of technical error.

1.16. The Company reserves the right to cancel a group purchase, should it turn out that there has been a communication error or any other technical error that prevented from the participants in the group purchase from participating in the group purchase properly.

2. Access to the Website

2.1. In order to purchase the products and/or services presented in the Website, you must be 18 years and older, and have a valid credit card.

2.2. The services and content in the Website are for personal use only and not for commercial use. Unauthorized use of the Website shall result in the termination of the contract with us and the Company reserves the right to avail itself to all the available legal proceedings in case its rights were prejudiced by unlawful use.

3. Your Account

3.1. The account page will enable you to directly see the pending orders you have made, purchases you have made before and orders the deal regarding which has been approved. Also, your personal account page in the Website will enable convenient printing of the vouchers for orders you made through the Website, which you may redeem afterwards in the Place of Business where you have purchased the product and/or service.

3.2. In case you are using the Company's Website or servers, you declare and warrant that all the information you provided to the Company and to the Website is complete and accurate. The client is exclusively responsible to protect the confidentiality of the information in his account including his password, and to restrict access to his computer. In addition to that said, you agree not to impersonate any other person while using the Website. By using the Website, you agree to take upon yourself responsibility for all actions that occur under your account or password in the Website: you are also continuously responsible to provide to us and update with us your accurate e-mail address, shipping address, phone number, valid credit card and information regarding financial charges in connection with our services.

3.3. The Company reserves the right to prevent you from participating in any sale and purchase products through the Website in each of the following cases:

? If you have provided false details

? If an act or omission that harm or might harm the Company, the Places of Business that advertise products on the Website or any third parties including clients and/or the Company.

? If the credit card in your possession was blocked or somehow restricted for use.

3.4. Please note that the submission of false details, impersonating as another person or use of another person's credit card details constitute criminal offences according to the law. The Company and/or the Sellers may take legal actions against those submitting false details including damages claims due to harms incurred by the Company, the business owners and/or anyone on their behalf due to disruption of selling processes in the Website or for any other reason.

4. Safe Purchase Guarantee

The Company is confident in its security services and it warrants that its clients will not pay anything beyond the charges it may charge of them, even if there will be unauthorized charges to its clients' credit card account due to security breaches, should such exist. The Company undertakes not to forward the client details to any third party (not including the business owner who offered the deal), as long as it is not forced to do so or justified in doing so by the law.

5. Payment for the Products

5.1. The prices presented on the Website include taxes, unless otherwise stated explicitly.

5.2. An approved deal constitutes a purchase of the product that binds the client to pay fully for the products and/or services, for the price presented in the Website. You agree and confirm that we may charge the amounts due to the purchases you made through the Website to your credit card.

5.3. The Company will charge the client through the credit card provided by the client.

5.4. In case the credit card Company refuses to validate all your undertakings, your participation in the deal will be cancelled, the product will not be supplied to you and you will be charged with cancellation fees of up to 3$.

5.5. The Company is not responsible for any other bank commissions, interest charges, financial charges, overdraft charges (debit balances) or any other commission and/or charge caused by charges made by the Company.

6. Cancelling the Purchase Deal

6.1. Purchase may be cancelled within 14 days of receiving the winning notice by e-mail. Winning cancellation shall only be done by written notice to the Website's representatives all subject to the consumer protection law and in accordance with it, according to the territory the user is in.

In case of purchase cancellation, the Company shall return to the client, within 30 days of receiving the cancellation message, the part of the deal price that was paid. The Company shall cancel the charge due to the deal and shall not charge any fees from the executor of the action, besides cancellation fees at a rate that shall not exceed 5% of the price of the product / service.

6.2. Deal cancellation as said shall not be possible if the client received the product or service. Clients are welcome to contact the Website's customer service for additional details or questions.

7. End of Use and Contract with the Website

7.1. The Company may block entrance/access to the Website by a user or suspend the entrance/access ability, out of the entire Website or all of it without prior notice, due to any behavior/action that at the Company's exclusive discretion is in breach of any law or is harmful to the interests of another user, supplier, third party, publisher, financer, sponsor, license provider, service provider or the Company itself.

7.2. Users may cancel their subscription to the Website online at any time, and the cancellation shall be effective immediately. No refunds or credits will be given due to deals that were approved already and products and/or services that were already purchased, other than as said in section 6 above.

8. The Content of the Website and That Published in It

8.1. The Company shall present briefs, reviews, comments, instruction guides and user comments regarding the products and services offered on the Website. The Company, its shareholders, managers or employees shall not be liable due to loss or harm caused by your reliance on the information available on the Website. This is the exclusive liability of the user to estimate any information, comment, opinion, advice, review, or any other content available on the Website.

8.2. Some links on the Website may lead to other Websites that are not owned or controlled by the Company. The Company has not reviewed those Websites and it does not control their content. The connection to Websites through links and/or download of information from affiliate Websites is the user's exclusive responsibility. The Company neither declares nor warrants that downloads from affiliate links will be legal. In addition, the Company does not declare and warrant that affiliate Websites will not contain viruses or other malware against your computer equipment.

9. Electronic Communication

9.1. By using our services, you agree to receive electronic communications from the Company. Such communication may include information about your account. This communication is an inseparable part of your subscription to the Company's services. You agree that any comment, agreement, disclosure or other communication sent to you by the Company satisfy any legal requirement regarding the communication, including the requirement that any type of communication shall be in writing.

10. User's Conduct in the Website

By using the Website you also accept the following terms:

10.1. Not to upload, publish, e-mail or transfer by any other way content that contains viruses, to software or to any other computer code, documents or programs whose content may disturb, destroy or limit the usefulness of any computer software, hardware, equipment or content relating to the Website.

10.2. Not to interrupt in any manner with the services or network relating to the Website.

10.3. Not to violate any of the procedures, policy or regulations of the networks relating to the Website and the terms displayed in the Website.

10.4. Not to conduct oneself in an offensive manner while using the Company's services or Website while impersonating another person while using the Website or the services for illegal purposes.

10.5. You undertake not to register for group purchases and make purchases from the Website in any manner other than through your personal account page on the Website.

10.6. You agree to be personally liable and to indemnify the Company and anyone on its behalf for the entire amount due to any damage, direct, indirect and/or consequential, including in connection with an attempt to download or unauthorized download or other replication of materials from the Website, alone or with another, or under the authority of another, without limitation, and these damages include, without limitation, any direct, indirect and/or consequential damage including as a result of unauthorized downloads from the service in this Website, including, but not limited to, damages caused by loss of income, loss of property, fines, attorney fees and other costs including, but not limited to, damages caused as a result of a lawsuit and/or forced government seize, payment of fines, losses and/or injunctions.

10.7. The Company and/or anyone on its behalf shall not, in any case, be liable for direct or indirect harm, punitive damages, incidental harm, special harm or consequential harm, and/or due to any other harm of any kind, including and without derogating from the generality of the above said, damages due to loss of the use, loss of data or loss of profit, that result from or relate in any manner to the use or performance of the Website, whether due to delays in use or inability to use the Website, the supply or the non-supply of products and/or services, or any information, software, product, service and complementary graphics obtained through the Website, and/or that result in any other way from the use of the Website, whether based on an agreement and whether in damages, whether in absolute liability and/or any other cause of action, even if the Company and/or anyone on its behalf became aware of the possibility of damages as said. If you are unhappy with a certain part of the Website or one of the terms of this code, please write to us and we will look into your appeal carefully.

11. User Reviews and Other Contents

11.1. Visitors may write comments, suggestions, ideas, comments, questions or other content in the Website, as long as the content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, libelous, violating privacy, infringing intellectual property rights, or are otherwise objectionable or infringing of third party rights.

11.2. Such publications shall not contain or consist of software viruses, political campaigns, commercial solicitations, chain letters, mass e-mails or any other kind of spam.

11.3. You are not allowed to use a false e-mail, impersonate any person or entity, and deceive regarding the originality of any content. The Company reserves the right (but not the duty) to remove or to erase contents as said. The Company is free to use any comment, information, idea, principle, criticism, comment, or techniques or other materials you may send it (even without informing or compensating), for any purpose it sees fit.

If you indeed published contents or materials, and as long as the Company did not explicitly state otherwise, you hereby give the Company the right /permission to use it in a non-exclusive, royalty free, irrevocable manner. Also, you give the Company the right to reproduce, change, acquire, publish, translate, make derivatives of work forms, distribute and use contents as said, in any type of media. You also grant the Company the right to use the name you published in relation to contents as said, if it chooses to do so.

11.4. By accepting the terms of this code, you declare and warrant that: (1) you are the owner or the controller of all the rights of the contents you have published, the content is accurate; (2) use of the content you provided does not violate the Company policy and it will not harm any person or entity; (3) you will indemnify the Company for every claim due to content you provided. The Company has the right/authority, but not the duty, to control and supervise and inspect, add or remove any activity or content. The Company is not responsible and it does not warrant regarding any content published by you or a third party.

12. Property Rights

12.1. Users confirm that the www.CouponTourist.co.il Website contains information, software, images, graphs and other materials (all together: "Contents") that are protected by copyrights, performer rights, trademarks, commercial secrets or other property rights, and such rights are valid and protected in all manners, in media and in technology, that exist now and that shall be developed in the future. All contents are copyright protected according to the copyrights law, and the Company is the owner of these rights, including the choice, design, coordination, regulation and betterment of contents as said. The user may not change, remove, erase, enlarge, create derivative works based on or exploit any of the contents, in whole or in part.

12.2. By accepting this code, you agree not to use any device, program or activity that were meant to disrupt or attempt to disrupt the proper work of the Website or any conduct in the Website. You agree not to perform any action that forces irregular load or disproportionately large load on the Website's infrastructure. Some of the information on the Website is updated on "real time" basis and it is the property and is subject to the Company's right/authorization to use, from any third party. You agree not to copy, duplicate, change, adjust, make derivative works or publish any information (besides your information) from the Website.

13. Online Rights

13.1. The Company supervise and electronically control advertising spaces or other use of the users of the Website, and even reveal and deliver any information, recorded or in electronic communication of any sort, (1) to fulfill the provisions of any law, regulation or governmental requirement; (2) if such operation is necessary or required to operate the Website; or (3) to protect the Company's, the users', sponsors', financers', suppliers', licensers' or advertisers' property rights.

13.2. The Company is not responsible to filter, supervise, edit or control content as said. Upon becoming aware of alleged infringement, defamation, injury, illegal or offensive content, the Company may examine the charges and determine, at its exclusive discretion, if it is legitimate to remove or to ask to remove such content from the Website.

13.3. The Company reserves the right to forbid conduct, relations of content that according to its exclusive discretion, is likely to harm other users, the Website, communities that connect to the Website, or any right of the Company or of another party, not to be in breach of any law. Without contradicting the above said, neither the Company nor its suppliers, merchants, financers, sponsors, licensers, advertisers, may ensure immediate editing or removal of controversial content once it has been published on the Website. Accordingly, the Company, its managers, workers or agents, suppliers, financers, advertisers, sponsors and licensers shall not be liable due to any act or omission in connection with the conduct, communication or content on the Website.

14. Copyrights

The design, the text, the graphics, the choice and arrangement thereof, and all copyrights on the program in the Website, are the Company's, and all the rights to them are reserved to the Company exclusively. Any other use of materials in that Website, including duplication for modification purposes, distribution or publication purposes ? is strictly forbidden and constitute an offence according to any law.

15. Trademarks

The Company and/or the Website, the Website's logo and any title in the Website, adjusted graphics and icon buttons are service marks and/or trademarks of the Company. All other trademarks, product names, names and logos of companies in the Website, are owned by their respective owner.

16. Protection of Privacy

16.1. The Company protects its clients' privacy and it does not transfer the details of its clients to others, not including the businesses that offered the sale to which you registered and/or remarketing (see blow: section 16.4). however, you accept and agree that the Company will transfer you details and any other information it will be in possession of in order to obey the law, whether it is asked to do so by a competent judicial or government entity and whether if this step is necessary according to its discretion in order to obey the law.

16.2. Also, you understand and accept that the Company will forward your details and any information it may possess of including content if this step has been required to enforce the Terms of Use or to respond to a legal claim according to which this content violates third party rights or in order to protect the rights, the property and safety of the Company, its clients, employees and the general public.

16.3. You accept and confirm that you have no objection that the Company and/or anyone on its behalf will send publications about products and/or services that are offered for sale on the Website. In case you wish to stop this service there is a link on the Website that enables you to stop receiving updates and publications to your mailbox by clicking it.

16.4. At the time of registering at the Website you will have to submit a registration form that includes the following details about you: first name, last name, e-mail, password, phone number, address, ID number and credit card details.

16.4.1. Also, at the time of registering to the purchase group in the Website, you will be asked to submit the aforementioned details as well as your credit card details in order to make the purchase.

16.4.2. Let it be clarified that the details you will be asked to provide including information that is directly required in order to provide the service and/or purchase the products on the Website and without providing the said details you will not be able to join the Website and/or participate in the purchase.

16.5. The information gathered about you will be saved in CouponTourist's information database only.

16.6. Third party ads. The Company and/or the Website may enable other companies to advertise their products/services on the Website. These ads come from these Company's computers. In order to manage their ads, these companies put cookies in your computer. The cookies enable them to collect information about Websites you have watched in the ads they places, and which ads you clicked. The use these companies make of the cookies is subject to their privacy policy, and not to this privacy policy.

16.7. The Website and/or Company implements systems and procedures for data protection. While these systems and procedures do minimize the risks of unauthorized penetration, they do not provide absolute safety. Thus, the Website or Company does not warrant that the Website will be completely proofed against unauthorized access to the information contained in such.

17. Limitation of Liability

17.1. The Company does not import, manufacture, market, sell or provide the products and/or services that are presented in the Website, and thus it is not responsible for their quality, suitability to your needs and/or the technical specification and so on, directly or indirectly in any manner.

17.2. As clarified above, the Website is only a platform to display the products and for group purchases for attractive prices. The user is exclusively responsible to examine the product, its quality, nature, the profitability of the deal and so on. In addition, Let it be stressed that the Company is not responsible for services with a high physical risk purchased through the Website (for example, extreme sports).

17.3. You undertake not to have any claims and/or requirements and/or actions in case you have purchased through the Website a product and/or service with low quality and/or that does not match the image presented in the Website and so on. The examination of the product warranty and the product replacement policy provided by the business owner are your personal, exclusive liability.

17.4. We are not liable or responsible for any error or omission in the Website's content; for any failure, delay or disturbance in the delivery of any content contained in the Website; for any loss or harm resulting from use of content in the Website; or for any conduct by users in the Website. In addition, the Company does not take responsibility due to the reliance of customers and/or visitors on information that is available through the Website, that is not information that pertains directly to the defined services it provides and leaves the customer the choice whether or not to rely on the accuracy and relevance of such information that is available through the Website.

17.5. The Company shall not be liable due to illegal activity by participants in the sale or any other entity that is not under its full control.

17.6. The Company, its shareholders, its mangers, its employees, or the Website, shall not be liable in any way (jointly or separately) towards you due to any harm, direct or indirect, principal or incidental, direct or consequential, or to damage caused by loss of use, data or profit, whether you knew about the possibility of the damage occurring and whether you did not, and of any cause of liability that results from use of the information in the Website.

17.7. Even if some competent authority, in any territory, determines that a provision among the provisions of this section, or any other provision in this code, is void or inapplicable, the rest of the provisions of the code shall retain their full effect including the rest of the provisions of this section.

18. Jurisdiction

This agreement will be interpreted and discussed according to the rules of the state of Israel, and you agree to give exclusive jurisdiction to the Tel Aviv District courts system in connection with every dispute that may transpire between you and the Company.